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Events and study

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FOUNDATION YEAR OF PSYCHOPHONETICS – on those intensive workshops the students create their own educational and therapeutic process based on a practical application of Psychosophy. Mainly experiential study is focused on development of self-awareness, personal internal guidance, realizing our own potential and on deepening communication, counselling and leadership skills. More details regarding the whole four year study is placed further on this page.

Study group: 15 students
Form of study: five days intensive workshops
Location: Olomouc
Price: 6.000,-KZK per one five day intensive
Terms: next five days intensive – 15.6.- 19.6.2016

INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOSOPHY – it is a methodical introduction into the very core of a new school of thought in Psychology, Psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine based purely on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. Psychosophy is a spiritual psychology originally given by R.St. in form of lectures providing detailed description of human soul in connection with anthroposophical knowledge of human constitution. In light of Psychosophy the whole Anthroposophy becomes methodical study of phenomena of human soul.



Can you surely distinguish between your real conscience and destructive negativity? For centuries people and societies were controlled by religious and power institutes through a skilful administration of a sense of guilt and shame that was normative. Our ancestors heard that they were born in sin, were sinful, were condemned to hell, and the only salvation was to follow the leadership controls or organised religion. Just now we start to awaken from that through power of individuality and free thinking.

Yet the only sustainable human development is the one striving to higher morality: to the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

Guilt and shame destroy human freedom, health, individuality and relationship, pretending to be the higher moral guidance. Conscience is free, heart-based, healing and liberating.

The intellect cannot distinguish between these three. The words sound the same.

Psychophonetics engages the deep intelligence of body awareness, movement & gesture, visualisation and sounds, engaging individual imagination, inspiration and intuition – in the search for one’s inner truth. It can help distinguishing between the three: Guilt, Shame and Conscience. Seminar will be given by founder of Psychophonetics, Yehuda Tagar.


Crisis have many shapes, but almost always bring along nervousness, fear and doubt which according to our nature turn into bad temper and anger outbursts or on contrary they lower our self-confidence or lead even to resignation and apathy. May such emotions carry any deeper message that would enrich us and direct us towards our unique personal path? Or is it something that we shall suppress, get rid of or get over with? In Psychophonetics we will learn how to make those various aspects of crisis into our allies that will help us to find, explore and heal deeply hidden traumas and unfulfilled basic needs of human beings.
We will experience empathically conducted conversation as well as therapeutic process reaching the very core of the problem. The seminar starts from needs and wishes of participants who along with a new view of life challenges will also take home with them useful psychophonetic first aid kit. The seminar is given by Yehuda Tagar, founder of Psychophonetics.


For a great interest of lay and specialized public we offer second seminar focused on this theme. It is a lecture followed by a seminar, where we shall focus on deeper causes behind the addictions. We will expose the human needs hidden behind this phenomenon and right on the spot we will try the Psychophonetic tools and their efficiency in this field. Come and see that the life of our soul becomes visible for all who dare to look in it. Lecture and seminar are introduction to strictly phenomenological Anthroposophic Psychology. It is led by Yehuda Tagar, founder of Psychophonetics.


On some level we all understand that we are original, unrepeatable human beings, but can we also live it and express it? What stops us from getting to know our soul and building strong boundaries for healthy contact with surrounding? How can we efficiently transform our fear and doubt of ourselves? On those and many other questions which you bring with you we will focus on our practical seminar of Psychophonetics, where all our crises and weaknesses may become a challenge for further development. It is lecture and seminar, attending lecture is a precondition to joining in the seminar. Exploration of the theme will be guided by Yehuda Tagar, founder of Psychophonetics.

What is Psychophonetics?

PSYCHOPHONETICS is a practical application of PSYCHOSOPHY of Rudolf Steiner which was founded by Yehuda Tagar in 1991, after 10 years experience with directing experimental theatre. It is a set of psychotherapy, counselling, spiritual development and couching.
It leads us to use our memory, spontaneous gestures, visualization and sounds of human speech in a fully conscious way so that we can explore our limitations and turn them into new resources of possibilities, strength and creativity.

Who is it intended for?

It is for all those who want to deepen their empathy, strengthen their creativity, enrich and transform their professional and personal lives and thus improve their contribution to the human development. People learn how to transform their traumas and undigested experience so, that they may be free of burdening consequences which may in their daily lives make them do and say things they do not want nor intend to.

Lectures and seminars are given by Yehuda Tagar, an international lecturer and psychotherapist, who thus opens a four year study of this subject in Prague. You can contact us or more details on pacepraha@email.cz

Our Educational philosophy

is to regard each human being as an original source of awareness, knowledge, meaning, purpose and creativity. We regard individuals as leaders of their own destiny, ethics and inner guidance.

As practitioners and teachers we see ourselves as team-workers with our students’ and clients, ‘midwives’ for the unfolding of people’s inherent deeper human potential.
We see Empathy as the characteristic of present and future evolving humanity, and the methodical development of deep Empathy as our major educational task.

Our Professional Training: A three-year part-time post graduate professional training towards becoming Psychophonetics Practitioner:

First year: Foundation Year (Certificate) in Personal Development and Leadership Skills.

Second Year: Diploma in Applied Psychosophy – Coaching. Intensive training in Methodical Empathy, Methodology of Experience Awareness, Psychosophy, and Psychophonetics modes of intervention.

Third Year: Advanced Diploma in Psychophonetics. qualification as a Deep Leadership and Wellness Practitioner. Applied Psychosophy and Psychophonetics, practicum, Introduction to Anthroposophical & Integrative Medicine, research project.

Post Graduate Psychophonetics Training: professional supervised practice & CPD enables professional membership in the International Association of Psychophonetics (IAPP).

Specialized Post Graduate Training: qualifying graduates to become consultants of ‘Humanizing the Workplace’, couple counseling and conductors of Psychophonetics Teachers Training.




Nabízíme individuální psychofonetické poradenství

termín: dle dohody

místo konání: Waldorfská základní škola, Rožňavská 21, Olomouc (boční vchod od tělocvičny)

hlásit se můžete na adrese: psychosofie.vzdelavani@gmail.com


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