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Outcomes of Psychophonetic therapy

Psychophonetics is an approach to psychotherapy that works with the whole human being, that is on the level of body, soul and spirit. In counselling sessions it is special in its emphasis on distinction between conversational and action phases. With the help of the language of experience, language of soul and language of body it leads you deep into the forgotten experiences, that because you cannot recall them into your conscience, have the power over you to make you behave completely against your intentions and conscious plans.

Have you ever tried to understand how and why some thing in your life just keep going wrong still over and over again? When one focuses on it, one usually finds that there is a certain pattern lying behind it, some rule, a connection one might sense in a way, but usually is not completely fully aware of.
How come? And why me? How will I get out of this?

Psychophonetic counselling contains two phases: conversation and action. The conversation part focuses on finding deeper information under the external happening and leads client to discover new knowledge and connections and further also to a clear formulation of his wish with respect to the problem. The wish itself is a first step towards understanding the problem and guides in fact the whole session.
From it the whole second part called action phase starts. There you choose a typical moment from recent time where you have experienced similar problem. This moment you bring into your consciousness, sense it in your body and in a safe surrounding you experience it once again. Just now it is in full conscience and with the help of spontaneous gestures, sounds of human speech and visualization. Under guidance of the therapist you thus discover the drama of this part of your life story that will enable you to understand deeper causes of your problems, their tone, connections and dynamics.

If you get to know how your problem has started you can make a choice and according to you wish and fantasy you can create new events that will get inscribed into memory of your body just as real as the original causes. The only difference is that the new experiences will lead to fulfilling and strengthening of your wish. What you managed to reach during this ‘rehearsal,’ that you can practice after every day ‘performance.’ And such an everyday practice of freely chosen action can bring into your life permanent deep changes that will enable you to discover new choices and make new previously unimaginable decisions.




Nabízíme individuální psychofonetické poradenství

termín: dle dohody

místo konání: Waldorfská základní škola, Rožňavská 21, Olomouc (boční vchod od tělocvičny)

hlásit se můžete na adrese: psychosofie.vzdelavani@gmail.com


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